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Services Available from CCIMTEAM include

Investment Brokerage, Leasing Brokerage, Buyer and Tenant Representation, Marketing and Consulting.

  • Comprehensive pre-marketing due diligence and valuation

  • Identification of the target market 

  • Preparation of a comprehensive list of prospective purchasers 

  • Preparation of marketing materials 

  • Introduction of the property to prospective purchasers and cooperating brokers

  • Follow-up with all prospective purchasers 

  • Preparation of status reports concerning discussions with potential purchasers and marketing efforts

  • Assistance with the qualification and selection of a successful bidder 

  • Assistance with the negotiation of the purchase and sale contract 

  • Assistance with the post-contract due diligence material preparation and distribution 

  • Assistance with closing

  • Constant communication

  • 24 hour client web access to transaction status/documents


We work to maximize value for our clients by constantly updating our knowledge of the area’s ever-changing real estate market conditions.  We monitor lease rates, land costs, construction costs, vacancy, absorption rates, sale comparables, financing terms, and supply and demand. Our agents are prepared to help you plan a strategic disposition or acquisition strategy to fit your real estate needs:

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We can provide a comprehensive approach for all phases of the real estate process--from the initial planning and needs assessment stage through negotiation, documentation, and construction. Some of Services include: 


  • Relocation

  • Lease Renewal

  • Business Expansion

  • Disposition/Acquisition of Property 

  • Tenant Representation

  • Site Selection

  • Lease Negotiations/Sub-leasing

  • Build-to-suit

  • Sale Lease-Back Services


Inclusive in our Leasing Brokerage Services is our Marketing Services which are supported by a licensed marketing assistant to support production of all marketing materials, including brochures, mapping, flyers, requests for proposals and presentations. We also have the ability to conduct demographic and marketing research to target potential tenants and investors. 


Our commitment to our clients and our ability to customize the delivery of our services for each project or assignment allows us to provide meaningful strategic solutions and superior execution for both growth and retrenchment brokerage strategies. We welcome the opportunity to assist clients with a wide variety of real estate including: 




Development Land

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  • Strategic Planning

  • Transaction Management 

  • Project Management 

  • Wealth Creation 


We begin our strategy by sitting down with you to determine where you want your business to go and how you want that to happen.  We then translate that information into a strategic facilities plan, tailored to your company.


Following consensus of a strategic facilities plan, we will negotiate on your behalf.  This may be a lease renewal, a new location, an expansion, or an acquisition. 

We help identify and evaluate any consultants and vendors that need to participate, such as space planners, contractors, movers, and telecommunication vendors.


We excel in providing our clients with an integrated, full-service approach to commercial real estate. Our role is to assist you and your company in meeting your short and long-term facilities needs.  We can assist your company in four key areas:

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We work diligently on its listed inventory. Approximately 80 percent of our investment transactions are completed through our exclusive listings. This means we represent quality inventory and proceed to locate buyers— we will not wait for the phone to ring.


The initial focus of the marketing program will be threefold:


  • To create a strong identity and position for the asset as a desirable opportunity;

  • To identify the target audiences; and

  • To prepare and distribute the marketing materials.


Our primary goals in the marketing of each asset are:


Initiate and continue

marketing efforts on

a daily basis.

Evaluate and negotiate

the completion of a

successful transaction.

Ensure accurate and

consistent flow of

information to our clients

on a regular basis.

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Once you become a client, we work to establish a long-term relationship that is mutually satisfying.  We can assist in adding value to your business by recommending appropriate real estate choices.  We have the knowledge and expertise you need to make the most profitable real estate decision possible for you--regardless of how your needs, or the market, have changed.


We will work to find the perfect niche business that meets your financial needs. We have experience selling business with or without real estate.

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